Couverture Vietnam – Bên Tre, 500 gram

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Cocoa was introduced to Vietnam in the province of Ben Tré in the late 19th century. Unfortunately, with little success. The cocoa, from the cocoa trees that remained, was eaten raw and straight from the pod by the population. Later it was tried again during the early 1980s. The interested ones were the Russians. Even before the first cocoa was ready, the iron curtain fell and potential buyers disappeared without a trace. The cocoa was put up again. Until the demand for chocolate in China increased around 2000. The large companies, from China, wanted to get the cocoa from nearby Vietnam. This was mainly bulk cocoa. At the same time, the demand for good cocoa grew. The cocoa trees, from Ben Tré, for example, which were still from 1980 and earlier, were used to open new plantations with quality cocoa trees.

Weight 500 g
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