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Juniper- St. Vincent – Milk Chocolate with juniperberrie 55% 30 gram(25 bars)

Juniper- St. Vincent – Milk Chocolate with juniperberrie 55% 30 gram(25 bars)

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This is a delicate milkchocolate with a deep chocolaty taste. Combined and balanced with the kicking flavours of the Juniperberrie. The essential oils from the Juniperberrie like pinetree and and arromatic flavours of citrus. A walk in the forest!

Island of Saint Vincent, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Cocoa was grown extensively in Saint Vincent since the 18th
century when the British introduced the crop to the island.
Cacao production declined after banana exports became the
main agricultural export in the 1970’s. An opportunity to revive
the cocoa industry in St. Vincent appeared after 2009 when
banana exports no longer enjoyed the benefits of a European
tariff protection. A trading company started investing in cocoa
in 2011, and after 3 years the business was sold to a couple
of very committed Vincentians. This was the beginning of the
Saint Vincent Cocoa Company.
The production of cocoa is spread around the island.
The Company owns about 250 hectares of land and also buys
cocoa from around 100 local farmers. The farms are 2 hectares
on average. Cocoa is grown along with short cycle crops such
as banana, plantain, ginger, maize and local root crops. Timber
species such as coconut, melina and mahogany are used
as shade trees.

Silver medal International Chocolate awards 2021/22

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